JMKE Photography
Jon Mattrisch, Milwaukee Photographer


A Little About Me

My journey as a Milwaukee photographer


My name is Jon. I'm 28 and I call Milwaukee home.

That's not to say that I don't venture out. Exploring new cities, experiencing new adventures, discovering forgotten landscapes. That's what drives my passion for photography.

Capturing a moment and expressing a vision. Photography is my creative escape.

I'm always learning and progressing, adding new skills to my repertoire. I love taking on new challenges and stepping out of my comfort zone. If you like my style and have an idea for a collaboration, I'd love to hear about it.

I'd love to hear from you on how I can help you achieve whatever it is your looking to capture. Email, call or text me and let's get this conversation going!

Social Reach:

Photographer Experience:

  • Self-taught photographer
  • 4+ years of experience with photography
  • Dedication to non-stop learning and experimentation with new photography techniques and styles
  • Fluent and efficient with Adobe Lightroom
  • Knowledgeable with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro
  • Own a 600 sq. ft. studio space with professional backdrops and lighting equipment

Types of Photography:

  • Travel + Adventure
  • Outdoor + Nature
  • Aerial/Drone
  • Portrait
  • Engagement + Wedding
  • Product + Branding
  • Concert
  • Event
  • Architecture
  • Interior


Features and Highlights:


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